Wood pellets are biofuels produced using compacted wood fiber. Best wood pellets for sale.

In Austria, wood pellets are made fundamentally from the residuals left over from the sawmilling system when logs are changed over into blunder and other high-esteem wood items. 

Pellets are made from wood chips. Under high pressure, they are compressed into hard wood pellets – without any binding agents. ENplus wood pellets supplier.


Who Are We and What Service do we Offer?

Might you want to purchase wood pellets from Austria? With us you are correct! Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH is quite possibly the earliest organization in Austria to be affirmed by the new ENplus A1 standard. The accreditation covers capacity, coordinated operations and deals.
  • Woodland and woods have forever been a significant asset for humankind.
    We are at home in the timberland based area, this is where we are coming from. What’s more, we have a profound information on the regular assets esteem chain altogether. Other than the nature of our items, our market information and our unwavering quality are generally valued.
  • Our settle is situated in the Austria. The area is wealthy in forests and is notable for its long custom in ranger service and wood industry. Our organization gives wood pellets and wood to energy utilize all over Europe. Wood pellet for sale in Europe.
  • Beginning from the energy for agribusiness and ranger service, Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH turned into an exceptional master in the area of sustainable assets. Cheap wood pellets suppliers.


The extraordinary benefit of pellets is the chance of programmed terminating. The heater is filled once and consumes for quite a long time minus any additional topping off on the grounds that the drill generally conveys the perfect add up to the burner. Beech wood pellets for sale.

There are pellets in sacks for the single stove. For the pellet central heating, the annual requirement is supplied with silo pumps and stored in the basement, for example. The storage room should be dry, well sealed and large enough for the calculated consumption. Oak wood pellets Exporter.

Where & How Can I Buy Best Quality Wood Pellets In Austria?

Phenomenal – the nature of our wood pellets
We stock pellets from different makers. These relate to the greatest necessities set available and are “EN Plus A1” guaranteed. This implies that customers are erring on the side of caution with wood pellets that fulfill this European guideline. Buy Wood Pellets in Bulk

This standard sets a limiting norm at the most elevated level. Also, the breaking point values for contaminations and weighty metals are indicated, which should not be surpassed. The EN Plus, class A1 sets the norm for wood pellets as fuel for pellet focal warming and pellet ovens in confidential families. Cheap Wood Pellets Supplier.

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sustainable future.

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Wood pellets burn CO²-neutrally.

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Gives little ash as residue.

  • Get quoted if you or your company is in need of high quality wood fuels such as Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes, Firewood Logs, Wood Shavings and Sawdusts, etc then we got you covered. We offer an enormous variety of models and will also custom-build wood pellets for sale to your exact specifications. Cost effective solutions don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, since we offer both to our growing list of loyal clients. 

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