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What is a Euro EPAL Pallet?

Buy EURO-Pallets produced by EPAL licensed manufacturers are inspected under strict quality procedures, at regular intervals. Euro pallets bearing the EPAL quality mark indicates they are certified and have been inspected by EPAL. This offers assurance of global safety and goes just basic branding. Each EUR-Pallet has security features to reduce counterfeiting. Such includes a quality control staple or marking nail that uniquely identifies the producer and/or the repairing company.

EPAL Pallet Pool

EPAL is a cooperative pallet pool used throughout Europe and is the largest pallet pool in the world. There is somewhere between 300 million and 500 million pallets estimated to be in circulation. In 2006 alone approx. 52 million new EUR pallets have been produced under licence of EPAL and put into circulation. The earliest roots of EPAL began many years ago when the European railways founded a railway union, (UIC), to discuss the common interests.

How does Euro Pallet System work?

  • Partners agree upon the most suitable exchange basis for their circumstances. For example, “Pallet for Pallet”. This term accounts for future settlement, etc.
  • Euro Pallets dispatched to Europe are entering a culture of trading or selling. Whereby own the pallet, you invoice its resale value onto your customer, who is then free to realize its value by trading/reusing or selling
  • The amount you charge your customers for the Euro Pallet is negotiable between you and your customer in Europe
  • Euro Pallets in Europe are not supplied free of charge, and are instead traded or sold throughout Europe. It is normal to add the value of the Euro pallet to your product, with the net result that you purchase new Euros for ½ price
  • Only quality inspected EURO-Pallets guarantee smooth material flow to anywhere in the world. Either within your business or internationally, be it in transport or storage