We are among the top 5 pellets import and export companies in Austria and also standing among the top 20 wood fuels supplying and trading companies in Central Europe.
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We are a confirmed Austrian provider and wholesaler of excellent class A1 and A2 wood pellets from Austria. Our provisions are quick and effective, covering over 27 European nations, USA, Canada and even Australia.

Our Chiefs have over 10 years of Consolidated Involvement with the pellets and wood Exchange and as of September 2022 all our Full Time Workers have been with the organization for more than 3 years. We mean to give the best mix of cost, quality and administration to our clients while treating our workers and providers reasonably and deferentially.

Beginning around 2018 we have been a trusted and dependable pellets provider for both little families and modern associations on the planets top consuming wood pellet countries such Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, Canada, USA and Italy. All the wood pellets we supply are ENplus confirmed, made and pressed in Austria or by other verified manufacturing companies we are partnering with overseas.

We perform hourly observing of Every one of the significant characteristics of the wooden pellets we supply: their high calorific worth, low debris content, controlled mugginess and mass thickness.

Buy Wood Pellets Online | Wood Pellets for Sale Online

Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH

Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH was made from long stretches of involvement with the discount exchange of pellets and wood. Right now, its center business comprises of bringing in pellets from Austria and Germany and their dissemination all through Europe. Many organizations, over all the Italian and Austrian, depend on Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH for the stockpile of top grade wood pellets. 

We purchase merchandise just from guaranteed ENplus A1 makers to give our clients an item that is dependably at the front and has a high calorific worth, with low debris buildups. Softwood pellets for sale Europe and worldwide

On account of our accomplices, Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH can ensure quick conveyances all through Europe, other than being the elite. Class A1 wood pellets for sale in bulk at cheap prices.

Our pellets are available in Jumbo Sacks and in 15KG Little Packs. The normalization of the pellet size consider basic taking care of, simple vehicle and the utilization of programmed conveying frameworks. Hardwood pellets wholesale

We offer our end clients the choice to mark their own logo and fine art on the packs. This is a favored choice for bigger corporate store and discount wholesalers. Wood pellets supplier

The wood pellets we supply are Class A1 Grade (comparing to the quality measures set by EN 14961-2, class A1). made of soft wood cleaned from any trash, sand, and skin. Because of their extraordinary properties, they are great for use in pellet ovens and pellet boilers (focal warming). Buy pine wood pellets online

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  • Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH convey just ENplus A1 and A2 confirmed pellets, the main pellet certificate conspire on the planet, which ensures the pellet quality in a straightforward and free manner. Cheap Wood pellets exporter
  • Consistently, we hold a pre-top season conveyance meeting to ensure we’re prepared to make our clients fulfilled. It’s perfect to get everybody together in one spot, however surprisingly better to go over the entire conveyance process collectively. To make your Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH conveyance as smooth as could be expected. Wood pellets for sale.

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Buy Wood Pellets Online
Buy Wood Pellets Online
Buy Wood Pellets Online


We also supply other amazing form of natural wood fuels which we started supplying due to a large amount of request for them from our clients home and abroad and satisfying our clients is our number one count. We are happy to let all our clients that Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH, your number one wood pellet supplier does not carry just wood pellet now but a list of top demanded wood fuels as listed some below;

  • Firewood
  • Wood Briquette
  • Wood Shavings, ETC.