High Quality Biomass Wood Pellets. Biomass wood pellets are an increasingly popular choice of fuel. Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH wood pellets come from a renewable source, making them a friendlier fuel for the environment. They are manufactured by compressing sawdust, without any kind of chemicals or additives. Biomass Wood Pellets for Sale

Wood pellets are a low carbon, highly combustible wood fuel which provides heating and hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial users. Biomass Wood Pellets Fuel Supplier

Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH wood pellets are a premium quality pellet, with nothing but positive feedback from our customers. We buy these pellets from an ENPlus producer, and they are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), meaning you can claim back on the governments RHI scheme.

Biomass pellets are made at a pelletisation plant. Here wood that is unsuitable for other industries like sawmill residues, are brought together. The wood is chipped, screened for quality, heated to reduce its moisture content to below 12% and then converted into a fine powder. High Quality Biomass Wood Pellets

High Quality Biomass Wood Pellets

1150kg Bulk Bag of Biomass Wood Pellets for Sale.

This buying option of biomass wood pellets is convenient for people who are able to store this product in a dry area, and wish to have less plastic to dispose of than the wastage that comes with pre-pack wood pellets. Biomass Wood Pellets Fuel Supplier

These wood pellets offer consistently good quality, which is why we use these pellets for both blown wood pellet deliveries, and pre-packed pellets.  

Wood pellets are a natural product, produced as a by-product from sawmills. Wood pellets are created by compressing the sawdust at a pellet processing plant. Our wood pellets are made from made from 100% virgin sawdust, without any chemicals, additives or binding agents. 

These pellets offer a good heat output, low moisture content, and they leave little ash behind. Meaning less maintenance for your appliance. High Quality Biomass Wood Pellets

High Quality Biomass Wood Pellets

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