Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens. At Österreich Holz Pellets GmbH, as suggested by the name, we predominantly sell solid fuels for the use of heating. One of the products that we stock is biomass wood pellets, which are traditionally used in pellet boilers and stoves. Best Wood Pellets for Ovens in Pizza Businesses

However, wood pellets actually have a number of different uses, including use for horse bedding, and for cat litter, pizza ovens. Furthermore, as we have heard from many of our customers, our bags of wood pellets are significantly cheaper than most shops. Best Wood Pellets for Ovens in Pizza Businesses

We pack and seal the wood pellets here at our yard in salzburg. We decided to pack our wood pellets into 15kg bags, to reduce the amount of plastic waste after each bag of pellets has been used. It also allows us to sell the pellets cheaper, as there is less handling. What’s more, the pellet bags that we use are very strong and durable, they won’t rip or tear on delivery or general movement of the bags. Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens

By bagging our own wood pellets we ensure we are not subject to the pellet shortage we experienced in previous years. Our pellets come in 15kg bags, with 65 bags on a full pallet. This totals up as 975kg per EU pallet. Oven Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens

Best Wood Pellets for Ovens in Pizza Businesses.

Our wood pellets can also be used to fuel pizza ovens. The pellets light easily, burn slowly and produce very little ash to clean up afterwards. They are good because they are compact and produce a lot of energy, allowing for quick lighting. Best Wood Pellets for Ovens in Pizza Businesses

Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens


Get your scoop or cap (based on the type of oven being used) and ensure the door to your pizza oven is closed if it has one. Fill up your grate with wood pellets and add a natural firelighter to get them going. 

Once the firelighter is lit, slide the grate back into the pizza oven and wait for the pellets to light. Once the starting pellets are lit, regularly add small amounts of pellets to top up. Allow the pellets to light fully before topping up any more. 

Maintain a steady amount of pellets throughout the cooking process to keep a consistent heat, following the guidelines set by your pizza oven manufacturer. Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens

They kick out lots of heat within approx. 10 – 15  minutes of lighting your pizza oven and will be up to temperature for you to start cooking. Best Wood Pellets for Ovens in Pizza Businesses

After the cooking process, allow any remaining pellets to burn through. Once your oven has cooled down you can dispose of any residual ash. 

Wear heat-proof gloves to avoid any burns and carefully remove the grate from your oven. Gently shake any ash off into a large metal bucket of water to ensure they are cooled off before disposing of. Avoid getting the grate wet as this can cause damage to your oven.  Quality Pellets for Pizza Ovens Supplier

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